Learn About Crush

Crush and I have been working together since December 2019. I knew that I needed help with everyday life and a service dog fit my lifestyle. I applied to the Can Do Canines program. They are an organization based in Minnesota. They work to place assistance dogs with individuals who have disabilities. Crush is trained to do several different tasks to mitigate my health issues.

One of the most helpful things Crush does on a daily basis is picking things up. I drop things more often then I’d like to admit. Bending over and picking things up can leave my heart racing. Crush helps out and gets whatever I may have dropped. This is just the start of what he does for me daily. He can raise my legs when my blood pressure drops. Crush is also trained to nudge me when I start to itch. I have extensive allergy issues that can often lead to a life-threatening reaction. When Crush nudges me, I can acknowledge the behavior and take appropriate steps to stop an attack. Along with this, Crush has learned to sense when my blood pressure or heart rate is too low.

To name all of Crush’s tasks would take a lifetime. He saves the day more often than not. I’m more than happy to answer all questions about Crush or service dogs in general. If I can’t answer your question, I’ll try to point you in the right direction. If you want to read more about Crush, click on Crush in the ‘Find Your Interests’ cloud!

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