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    Why It's Time to Start Sharing Other Peoples Stories

    You might notice articles written by other authors popping up. Why am I doing this? When I started my journey of deciding what I wanted my career to be, I chose theatre. I chose this because it allowed me to share other peoples stories. This outlet shares in a way that conveys a universal message. I’ve always said, “how can I share other people’s stories if I haven’t heard them?” I’m lucky to have found such a wonderful community through social media. I have had the chance to interact and befriend people who are just like me. I am hearing their voices but on this platform, I want them to…

  • Others Experience

    Life As A Chronically Ill Parent

    Written by: Laurel Moring (@FerntheServiceDog and @LaurelMoring) When I met my person at 22, fell in love and got married at 23, kids were obviously the logical next step. I was pregnant just five months after getting married. We were thrilled to welcome our first son nine months later. My pregnancy was healthy, however, my delivery was medically complicated and traumatic (both physically and emotionally). To this day I think that might have been the catalyst for everything that came next.  I have always struggled with joint pain, low energy, and mental illness. After my first baby my physical health began to cause me more noticeable problems. I began having…