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A Review of Shapermint

If you read my article last week, you know I love Shapermint. I use their compression gear almost every day. I wanted to look at their brand and gear more in-depth. Compression wear is a tricky beast. It’s difficult to find a balance between too tight and not tight enough. I’ve now used their tank tops, leggings, and shorts and I have a good idea about how things work.
When looking through their website, you can choose what type of compression you want. Now, if you haven’t done that SPOILER ALERT the Curveez brand is the one that has the best compression, in my opinion. I’ve gotten items from the Curveez and Empetua collections. Both collections are great but the quality and fit are very different!

I recently got the high waisted leggings from the Empetua collection. I was excited pulling them out of the package because they looked thick and didn’t appear to be see-through. When I put them on, they went higher than I expected but I didn’t see that as a bad thing. It’s worth noting that they do have decent compression, arguably better than the shorts. When I turned around, I did notice they are a bit see-through. Personally, I’ll still wear them as regular leggings because I don’t think it’s that bad. They’re a decent pair of leggings but like all compression gear, wearing them all day is a lot. The Empetua shorts I’ve worn under dresses. I wasn’t super impressed with the compression. They are a decent pair of shorts comparable to the Spanx brand.

The Curveez brand is far more my style. They have a much more significant level of compression. The tank tops that I have are great. The white tank top fit a bit differently than the blank and nude ones. I got them all in the same size but out of five, I’ve only had an issue with one. That isn’t a big deal, it still fits and I can still wear it but it was a bit more snug. The Curveez compression shorts were considerably thicker. They applied a lot more pressure to the tummy area. Since I use them for medical purposes, this was helpful.

Shapermint as a brand is great. They are body positive and size-inclusive. My orders have always shown up on time. They use a third-party tracking site to ship. I haven’t been able to track my packages using the link but they’ve never taken more than seven days to get to me. In the package, they give you a catalog which usually comes with a coupon code for your next purchase. My last box had some fun stickers and even some post-its. There’s an opportunity to get a free bag in the most recent addition. It’s while supplies last so I’m not sure if that is still viable or not.

All things considered, I love Shapermint. They’re a great brand and they have high-quality compression gear for a decent price! If you want an even better deal, you can use my code CREW-MFRANZ to get 10% off your next purchase! Let me know what you think and tag #shapermint and #girlcompressed on Instagram so I can see what you got!

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