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Preparing For Surgery

I have a surgery date for my hip arthroscopy! This is exciting to me because I’m ready to start recovery. My surgery will take place the second week of February. Apparently, I like to recover during holidays because it’s the day before Valentine’s day. Getting to this point was a long journey and now it’s time to prepare. This means that I need to train Crush to work with crutches. This is new to both of us. I need to strengthen my body, specifically my abdominal muscles and my arms. Finally, I need to prepare for being somewhat immoblie. This means moving into a different room closer to surgery.
The appointment I had to discuss the surgery was the opposite of what I expected. We barely talked about surgery at all. The doctor who referred me to the orthopedic surgeon, told me with confidence surgery was the only way to solve my problem. The surgeon didn’t really address surgery. The appointment was about the testing we needed to do before we decide surgery is the right option. I left feeling confused. I thought the MRI was definitive. Nope, I need to get an injection in my hip to identify where the pain is coming from. Then a CT to make a 3D model of my hips so they can plan out the surgery. (If it was deemed necessary) A day after this appointment and testing, they messaged me and said, “Let’s set a surgery date.” This confused me even further because we didn’t talk about the surgery itself at all. Luckily, I am blessed with an excellent physical therapist. She has walked me through the surgery and recovery process. 

Getting this surgery will mean I’m on crutches for four to six weeks. My neurological symptoms impede my ability to balance. I’m practicing on crutches when I can still walk to help ease me into the process. This is good training for Crush. He has great spacial awareness but this is something that’s completely new to both of us. I’ve had to be on crutches before but never after surgery when I won’t be weight bearing at all. Crush can completely pull me over on a good day, he is strong. Being on crutches is going to be a bit nerve wracking with Crush attached to me. I trust Crush, he does his job well and rarely gets distracted. I don’t trust the general public. They often do their absolute best to distract Crush. Knowing how we as a team work together while I’m on crutches is a great segway. 

Being on crutches is exhausting. It’s difficult work and with my current balance issues it’s going to be a bit interesting. To prepare, I’m working on strengthening my body. Since finding out about the tear, I’ve rarely worked out. They told me very clearly that it was not in my best interest but it’s safe to work out my arms. It’s a little questionable depending on the ab exercises but I’m doing my best to follow the rules. My physical therapist and I are coming up with a plan to work on my balance. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful care team. I’m also going to see my primary care physician before the surgery, so we’re all on the same page. This is an “in case” measure. If anything went wrong with some other part of my body because of surgery or recovery, we’ll be ready to deal with it. 
I like to cover all my bases and part of that is moving into a different part of the house. This means being in a space that is more accessible and doesn’t require climbing the stairs. Being close to the kitchen and bathroom is ideal. Although, I won’t be able to carry anything by myself, Crush will be an asset to carry things for me. Moving upstairs takes a little bit of pre planning. Being left without necessities when I’m immobile isn’t an option. Crush’s care is dependent on me. I need to have all of his things, as well as mine moved. I can’t carry heavy items because it raises my heart rate so it’s going to be a team effort. Again, I’m grateful for having so many people who are willing to help me! This makes all the difference. 

Getting this surgery is going to be an intense process. Recovery is going to be long and challenging. If the surgery is successful, I will be able to go back to running and that will brighten my world. It’s the driving factor of why I want this fixed, no surgery equals no running. I want to run, it’s annoying to my doctors how much I talk about this. They call it Melissa’s therapy. Preparing for this is a way to ensure the most optimal outcome. Practicing with crutches makes me even more grateful that I can walk right now. It’s a great way to help Crush prepare for this change. It’s going to be a big adjustment for both of us but working together is key. Ensuring that we will be in the safest place with the least amount of obstacles creates the ideal situation. I’m lucky that I have the ability to get this surgery and the support system to allow me to recover safely. 

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