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Planning for the Future

This is a weird and dark time. Likely, you’re feeling a bit isolated. During this time it’s difficult to think of anything else besides covid-19. I’ve found something that can help! Planning for the future. This found me by accident. I have to register for the Fall semester in a little under a month and I needed to get my ducks in a row. Now, I have my Fall planned out and more than anything, I feel excited. Of course, no one knows what the Fall or the rest of this year will look like. I say there’s no harm in planning for the best possible outcome. I even started looking at graduate schools for Fall 2021. This may seem a bit crazy but this is my final year of college, applications need to be in as early as November. I’m ready to move on with my future and I won’t let my chronic illness or covid-19 stop me. So how do you start planning for the future? Here’s what I did…

  • Evaluate Your Life

Planning for the future feels amazing but it starts with an idea of where you want to go. Without that, you’re wandering aimlessly and for some people that can be fun. For me, I like a plan. In the next six months, where do you want to be? Right where you are but with a different mindset? Somewhere completely different, with a new job, in a new city? Maybe that’s biting off too much to start but at the end of the day, you have to start somewhere.

  • Take the First Step

In these types of situations, the first step is often the hardest. When I declared I wanted to move to Ireland, I had no idea where to start. Then anxiety started to build, this was my goal and something I announced to the world. What if I couldn’t reach my own expectations. Then I found schools that fit me. I applied later, I got in. Without a simple google search I would’ve never had that experience. The anxiety would have gotten the best of me and I would still be living in Connecticut.

  • Think about Logistics

Sometimes the logistics of situations can slip our minds and our dreams are dashed because of our own negligence. So if it’s money you need, start saving. Think about where you need to set your goals and do it. I’m a very motivated person. When it comes to goals, I don’t shy away from pressure. Getting your ducks in a row can help motivate you. It can help you see progress towards moving forward. That can keep you going when something doesn’t go your way. Like if there’s a pandemic but that would never happen….oh wait (that’s my attempt at a joke. You’re welcome)

  • Fight for Yourself

It’s hard to move forward sometimes. It seems scary and new. Taking those first steps in changing your situation or circumstance are intimidating. You conquered that and you can conquer the next steps too. One of the most difficult things I faced when making decisions was people’s opinions. They were coming from a loving place but they were hurtful. Having faced my mortality, I’m very happy with the choices I’ve made in my life. I fought for my dream to be my reality. It was filled with tears and heartache but I stuck to what I knew was best for me and my future. *Disclaimer: listen to why people are asking you not to do something. Having feedback is important. Others can see what you are missing.* That being said, don’t wake up one day and realize that you never tried to fulfill your dream. We need to do that now more than ever. 

I have always used situations to put my problems into perspective. It’s gotten me into fights before but at the end of the day, someone always has it worse. If you start to wallow now, which is easy to do when you’re stuck inside your house, shake off that mindset. Look at what you have control of. Maybe it’s exercising or learning a new skill. It doesn’t have to be monumental but use this time as an opportunity. It’s never too late to do something. 

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