My Experience

One Day At A Time

Let’s be honest, we’re all going a bit stir crazy. I am not immune. Being in the house so much, although productive, is boring. I’m not anxious about Covid. It’s not something that makes me panic. When I get bored, I often like to reflect or get lost in thought. This is between binge watching shows of course. Truth be told, I don’t have a ton of time to watch TV. The Spring semester is coming to a close right before my eyes. It feels like yesterday that I was registering for class a week late. I was terrified. I thought I would be behind. Who would’ve ever thought that this is the way it would end?

I enjoyed the classes I took this semester. They were outside the realm of my usual but still peaked my interest. I understand why people get angry about graduation requirements. Some of them seem trivial. I like to think that these classes help me to grow as a person. Not only have I learned about water sustainability, as well as food sustainability. I now know how to write a grant and use healing imagery. Luckily for me, I have Summer classes to look forward to after this. They may not be as informative but I’ll learn something. 

I’ve widely viewed the Coronavirus like a class. I think we’re all learning a lot about ourselves, as well as others. Those who hoarded toilet paper (hopefully) learned that they need to share. Some people learned that they are not good in a crisis, in reverse, some people learned they’re great in a crisis. More than anything, I hope that everyone can take away one positive from this time. It may not be easy or even seem worthwhile but ultimately life is one big learning lesson. It’s a teaching opportunity for the future. My hope is that we all come out on the other side proud. We got through this time without starting a purge…well I guess I can’t say that quite yet. Humans are resilient creatures. We are built to not only survive but to thrive. In most situations, we stunt our own growth because we doubt our ability to handle situations.

I imagine we’ll come out on the other side of this exhausted. Ironic because most of us are stuck indoors. It’s emotionally taxing though, to go through a situation that’s so foreign to us. I see myself skipping through a prairie after this with not a single tick on me but that’s unrealistic. By May, tick season will be rampant. In all seriousness, I hope this leaves you with a different perspective. I hope that you take time to reflect and benefit from this quarantine. We can all be grateful for something the coronavirus gave us. It may be an appreciation for our family, job, or face to face communication. It could be the heros that we interact with everyday. The moral of the story, it could be anything. It may feel like the coronavirus stole something from you. I’d ask if there isn’t something that you gained from this experience. (Perspective, Insight, Gratitude, Resilience) I’m not trying to take away from the tragedy but match it with positivity. 

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