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I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed

I’ve chosen to get my wisdom teeth removed. For me, this is a big decision. Any procedure can cause stress to my nervous system. This could increase my daily symptoms making it difficult for me to function. So why now? It’s very simple, they’ve finally become a problem for me. I was told two or three years ago they’d have to be removed. My mouth doesn’t have the space for four extra teeth. I blew it off at the time, thinking I didn’t have the time or it wasn’t worth the hassle. Now, it’s clear that they were right. As my teeth are growing in, it’s causing a lot of discomfort and shifting in my mouth. I still wear my retainer that I received after getting my braces removed. It’s becoming painful and difficult to wear some nights.

There’s no special reason I need to get them removed. It’s the same reason everyone gets their wisdom teeth removed. My procedure may look a bit different though. Instead of scheduling the procedure outright, I opted to have a consultation beforehand. My history of angioedema can cause complications and threaten my life. Unlike when I get surgery, these dental clinics are often not prepared to handle a case like mine.

I am going to see the oral surgeon tomorrow. I’m not completely sure what I should expect. The only thing I know for sure is that I want these teeth out. They are way more trouble than they are worth. This causes some anxiety for me. I have no idea what they’ll say or how they want to do the procedure. Not to mention the stress of getting consciously sedated for the procedure itself. I’d like to schedule it as soon as possible so I can have it done before my bladder surgery. It’s a lot all at once but I deem this the year of surgery. Hopefully, I can get everything I could ever possibly need done in this year. Then I can go into next year healed from all the procedures.

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