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Five Businesses That Spread Dysautonomia Awareness

It’s still Dysautonomia awareness month!! I wanted to highlight a couple businesses that are run by those living with Dysautonomia. This is a great way to spread the word about Dysautonomia. It also supports those who live with a chronic condition. I really hope you find something you like, if you don’t go over and support their social media. All of their links are below!

This Etsy store is tailored to spreading awareness about rare chronic conditions. All of their items are cute, fashionable and affordable. Personally, I’m a big fan of the “Pumpkin Spice and No Unsolicited Medical Advice” shirt!

I bought my own sweatshirt for Dysautonomia Awareness month from Grace and Brace. Their ampersand collection is filled with cute merch! They perfectly describe the necessities for a variety of medical conditions. I can personally say that this business is super responsive and kind!

I recently came across this business while searching on Etsy and I was obsessed! They have super cute accessories, stickers, and of course clothing. The “Salty Girl Gang” is one of my favorite designs.

Another super cute shop. This small business only features clothing. Their Dysautonomia shirts are perfect for spreading awareness. It says right on the shirt the definition of what the condition is. I would highly recommend it if you’re sick of doing the explaining yourself.

I genuinely laughed when I saw the design of the shirt below. I think anyone with Dysautonomia can relate. They also feature some super cute mug designs. They are perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea!

All of these shops are ones that I’ve continuously come back to, to look at their merchandise. Although, I haven’t personally purchased from all of them, their ratings are high. I hope to see you rocking some Dysautonomia merch in the future. Spreading awareness about this debilitating condition really does make a positive impact.

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