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My Top Ten Motivational Songs (that aren’t in the top 100 charts)

Finding motivational songs is important, especially in a tough time like a pandemic. Over the years, I’ve compiled songs that have gotten me through difficult moments. These songs have the ability to completely change my mood. I wanted to share them here with you. When I search for motivational songs, they’re often off of the top one hundred charts. I’m not a fan of overplayed music. It’s difficult to give a song power when you hear it on the radio five times in fifteen minutes. These are on my “You Got This” playlist. I use it after surgery, when I’m having a tough workout, or when I need a boost. I hope that you find at least one that you enjoy. 

  • Beauty on the Breeze by Seafret

I love the band Seafret. This song has a special meaning in my heart because it’s gotten me through moving every single time. 

  • Sometimes by Kodaline

This song came out about a month ago but it quickly became a favorite. 

  • This Is My Year by Rawn Erickson II

If you know the Shaytards on Youtube, this is one of the songs they worked on. I love this song, it’s helpful in almost every situation.

  • Overcomer by Mandisa

This one has a religious undertone that I try to ignore. It’s motivational and often makes me feel like I can conquer anything. 

  • Head Held High by Kodaline

Another Kodaline song, this album came out during or close to when I was hospitalized the second time. I was preparing to move to Ireland and also not medically stable. I felt like it gave me a fighting chance to overcome.

  • New by Ben Platt

I LOVE Ben Platt. His voice and acting ability never ceases to amaze me. If you haven’t, you should go listen to his whole album because it’s phenomenal.

  • The Sun is Rising by Britt Nicole

This is another song that has a Christian background. I’m not a super big fan of that but it has a good message and I’ve found it to be helpful in my hour of need.

  • Good Good Day by Volunteer

I’m not sure how I found this song but it always reminds me to be grateful.

  • Love Like This by Kodaline

All this list is telling me is that I love Kodaline. Ironically, one of the first days I was in Ireland a Kodaline song was playing on the radio. I was shocked, I’ve never known anyone else to listen to them. They are an Irish bad…(Insert face slap)

  • Come So Far (Got So Far to Go) by Hairspray

We all would be surprised if I didn’t throw a show tune into this list. I love Hairspray and this is a great song. Acknowledge where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be. 

I hope that you find a song in this list that makes you smile. I love looking for new songs to add to my playlist and lately I’ve been struggling. If you’re in the same boat maybe you got one or two to add to your driving mix or workout jams. None of these are in order of how much I like the songs, just simply a compilation of songs I enjoy. Not that that matters but I feel like it needed to be said. 

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