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How to Stay Consistent with a Busy Schedule

The Fall semester is in full swing. I’ve already had multiple papers due. I’m filled with to-do lists. Throughout this semester, it’s been difficult to be consistent with my schedule. This has caused me to be living in a reaction state rather than a proactive state. It has been a trial and error process of finding ways to keep consistency. I have not mastered this but I’ve found what works. More importantly, I have found what doesn’t work.

  • Know How You’re Motivated

This is really important. I am a self starter. If I tell myself I’ll do something, there’s a 90% chance I’ll do it. Knowing that about myself, I don’t commit to things that seem like too much work. I don’t want something to be undone. I am constantly forming a to-do list. On that list, I’ve started adding things like “walk crush, write down intentions for the day, etc.” This is a great reminder. It also serves as an easy check off my list which keeps me productive. 

  • Keep a Bedtime Routine

In the midst of chaos, keep your morning and night time routine as consistent as possible. Sometimes that involves some really difficult choices but make those choices. It makes such a huge difference. It will keep you present for your day. Whether you’re spending time with friends or at work, this is vital. If you can’t keep a consistent time, at least keep a consistent routine. Allow time for your body to slow down and get ready to rest and reset. 

  • Take Time For Yourself

This can feel terribly difficult. You’ve got twenty things to do, why would you take 5-10 minutes to meditate? Take that time. I cannot stress that enough. Your brain will thank you automatically. Find a space to sit and be for a couple minutes. Whether you turn on a meditation or sit, let yourself have quiet time. Fight the urge to turn on a youtube video. You will come back to your work more focused and more productive. Don’t drag your feet, just do it.

  • Know Your Limits

Sometimes it’s okay to let things slip through the cracks. Pick your battles. If you write to-do lists, prioritize. Most important things go at the top *cough cough* self care. Things that can wait are the lowest on the list. It’s okay that you can’t get everything done. Even though it might not look the way you want, it’ll all get done. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. 

Once I master the art of consistency with a busy schedule, I’ll update this list. I think we’re all having difficulties balancing work life balance with Covid. The circumstances are so different. I find I’m much more distracted in Zoom classes than I ever have been in normal classes. We’re all doing the best we can. Even under stressful and busy circumstances, I’d like to thrive. Sometimes that means letting go of what I thought the ideal would look like. 

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