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Self Care: 101

I have been doing a little extra self care lately. This looks different depending on your lifestyle. These are some of my self care tips and I hope they help you find a self care routine. We could all use a little extra love in this time of quarantine. It might as well come from the person who should love you the most, yourself!

  • Take a Bath

I hadn’t taken a bath in years. I used to take at least one a day. The other week my muscles were sore, my hip was hurting and the chiropractor wasn’t an option. I decided it was time to revisit the idea of a bath. I have to be careful because of the heat but I was conscious of it so it didn’t become a problem. It was so relaxing! I put on some meditation music and continually brought my mind back to breathing. I had a drop in my OCD when I started this and I’m attempting to take at least one bath a week. 

  • Drink something warm

I know this sounds kind of weird but it started as a way to mitigate my raynauds. I will become freezing cold at the drop of a hat and one of the only things that helps is drinking tea. It doesn’t always work, but it calms me down. There’s something about drinking tea or hot chocolate that feels familiar. You have to drink it slow because of the heat and it slows the world down. 

  • Use a Face Mask

I love face masks. I rarely do them because in my head, they take a lot of effort. I love the peel off masks. They take minimal work, minimal clean up and they are so satisfying! If you need to power down or get into relaxation mode, it’s a great tool.

  • Paint Your Nails

Okay, I love painting my nails. My therapist thinks I paint my nails too often because anytime they chip, I redo them. Painting my nails autonomically makes me feel put together. It can take a bit of effort and clean up but if you enjoy the feeling of the finished product it’s worth it.

  • Stop procrastinating

I was the queen of procrastination. I would put off all my work to do it the day it was due. I was constantly stressed. Once I stopped procrastinating, my mind started to clear. I feel satisfied when I finish and I’m not stressed about it. Procrastination is a really tough thing to beat. Everyday is a new day. One day you will succeed and the next you may fail. All you have to do is pick yourself up and take every day as it comes. I can guarantee if you wait till you have motivation, it will never get done.

  • Take a Minute to Breathe

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. It can be intense. When I have these moments, I try to sit back and focus on my breath. I really like to meditate in these moments. It’s easy to push through and let it go on because it’s stressful to stop but trust me, it will help. 

  • Fuel Your Body

Listening to your body is difficult. It takes practice but overtime it will get easier. Food is essential for success. Chips and fries may taste great in the moment, but they lead to feeling crumby. Scientists have proven that eating better will make you feel better. Much like procrastinating, if you wait until you want to, you never will. It’s good to make small changes now.

  • Check in on Your Mental Health

Mental health is so important. For me, the biggest trap I fall into is being too positive. I avoid emotions like sadness because they scare me. This has led me to falling apart for half a day when I need to cry. I can go for weeks needing to cry but I avoid it until it just starts to pour and pour and pour. It’s good to notice these patterns. I now know that acknowledging these types of emotions in the moment can lead to a better state of mental health. Look for patterns and if you can, talk to someone about them. Identify if they are healthy or not. 

I hope that you can find something in here to help you on your day to day. If you need a self care day, do the first four tips altogether! Self care will always look different depending on who you ask. Do what’s right for you. Trust yourself, you know what your body needs.

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