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Creating a Productive Workspace

Working from home is challenging for a lot of people. The population has been surviving under the Covid-19 circumstances but not thriving. Creating a space that is productive, especially when anxiety is so high, is important. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of different spaces I’ve called home. They were decorated differently but they all felt comfortable. We’re not all able to feel at home in our space, especially if we haven’t made it our own. Here is how to create a productive workspace!

  • Identify What Inhibits You

There are elements of any space that stand in our way from feeling productive. It may be the look or the atmosphere of a space. It could be as simple as eliminating furniture to open up space. It may feel too dark. In order to start fixing, we have to identify what is working and what isn’t.

  • Make a List

Once you’ve identified the problem areas, we need to start fixing. I suggest making a list, in order of importance, of what needs to be changed. This allows you to change the space over time. Making small changes can make a big difference and it’s often too expensive or time-consuming to do it all at once.

  • Find Peace

Once you start changing things, your list might change. Some things may seem more important than others. Overall, your workspace should be calming. It should allow you to move forward without undue stress. Don’t feel stuck to your list if it isn’t working for you anymore. Something as simple as the temperature can change productivity levels. Without a heater in more room, I would feel stuck.

  • Make Your Own Space

If you’re in a room that is a shared space, try to find what you can personalize. It’s important to feel like you have one space that is at least your own. Even if you have to put things away for a family member to use the space. Keep a cubby of things that help you feel productive. If you have a speaker that plays peaceful or calming music, use it. Don’t be afraid of trying things. It’s okay if they don’t work but some items may surprise you.

These tips can apply to any space but for most people, working from home is a completely new experience. Now, of course, some people are going back to work. Switching back to what used to be normal can cause stress or new anxiety. Work is something we rarely get to avoid but how we approach it can make all the difference. I hope that you are able to change your space in a way that provides a benefit to you.

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