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My Favorite Meditations from Insight Timer

I love Insight Timer, I have it as an app on my phone. It’s got thousands of meditations of different lengths and content. Lots of different creators with different approaches. All around, I haven’t found any issues with this app. In fact, I recommend it to everyone. That being said, I thought I’d give a list of my favorite meditations so if you’re starting out you have a place to begin! There are links below to the app store and google play.

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For Stress and Anxiety:

  • Allowing Your Thoughts to Flow by Lama Yeshe Rabgye (12 minutes)
  • Radical Acceptance by Chad Foreman (21 minutes)
  • Reset From Stress by Kat John (13 minutes)
  • Soothe an Anxious Mind by Meg James (17 minutes)

For Panic:

  • SOS HELP for Stress and Anxiety by Tomek Wyczesany (12 minutes)

For Healing:

  • Healing for Injury, Surgery, or Illness by Julie Peters (9 minutes)
  • Manifest Confidence by Kine Corder (12 minutes)
  • Cultivating Gratitude by Samatha Taylor (11 minutes)
  • Healing From Illness by Steph Gadsden (15 minutes)

For Relaxing:

  • Cultivating Feelings of Safeness and Relaxation by Fleur Chambers (30 minutes)
  • Purpose Through Relaxation by Destiny Love (12 minutes)
  • Coming Home to Yourself by Jessica Meland (12 minutes)
  • Healing Affirmations by Holistic Cure (7 minutes)

For Starting Your Day off Right:

  • Gratitude Practice by Moun D’Simone (12 minutes)
  • Morning Meditation by Fleur Chambers (15 minutes)
  • Your Body is Amazing by Fleur Chambers (21 minutes)
  • Morning Meditation: I AM Gratitude Affirmations (17 minutes)

For Sleep:

  • I Am Affirmations for Deep Sleep by Dr. Janette Freeman (35 minutes)
  • Healing the Body During Sleep by Dr. Janette Freeman (60 minutes)
  • Guided Sleep Meditation: Field of Dreams by Kim Carmen Walsh (60 minutes)

I could list hundreds of meditations that I’ve done and loved. These are some of the ones I’ve used multiple times. I highly suggest you give meditation a try if you haven’t before. It can truly be life-changing, learning to calm and refocus the mind is an unbelievable gift. If you need any recommendations or tips getting started, feel free to reach out. I hope that this finds you with peace, love, and gratitude in your heart.

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