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Owala Water Bottle Review

I ordered two 32 ounce stainless steel Owala water bottles. I got one with a flip spout and the other with a twist cap. You might be asking yourself, “why do you need 64 ounces of water at any given time?” The answer would be, I need to drink at least three liters of water a day for my POTs. It’s an insane amount of water but I digress.

I chose to get one with a twist cap so I could put Liquid IV in it. When you use a water bottle with a straw with Liquid IV, it can get moldy or gross in general. I opted for stainless steel because they tend to be higher quality and last longer. Before I ordered, I made sure both were dishwasher safe. Although both can go in the dishwasher it’s not exactly recommended.

The ordering experience was rather easy. There’s not a lot of choices between colors and size. I love this because I’m indecisive and the buying process goes much more smoothly when I have fewer choices. I had a coupon code and I was ready to check out.

The shipping didn’t take too long. It’s not Amazon prime but waiting a week is not bad. When I got my box I was ecstatic. I love my water bottles and I use them well into their retirement. Getting new ones is always a nice treat. I opened the box slowly, building up an imaginary drum roll. I look down and TAH DAH ….. one of my water bottles was plastic and seven ounces smaller than it was supposed to be. I was already having a bad week and my heart sunk. I thought for sure I messed up at check out but it was in fact it was a packaging mistake.

Before I get to my customer experience let me talk about the water bottle that came the way it was supposed to. I love it. The twist cap is exactly what I wanted. It’s sleek and has a nice carrying hook. It’s exactly what I wanted. My water stays cold for longer which is great for summer. I haven’t found a downside to this water bottle.

Okay, back to my customer experience. Right away, I called to speak with their customer service. This other water bottle was plastic it retails for a lot less so I was looking to send it back. I still wanted to get the water bottle I ordered. The customer service was great. I spoke with someone right away, there was no hold time. They saw the mistake and opted to send me the right water bottle.

Unfortunately, the water bottle I ordered was out of stock. That’s why I’m making this post now. I got the official word that my second water bottle was on its way. Even better, I got to keep the extra one. Although the situation was frustrating at first glance it turned out great. I was hesitant because I didn’t receive a code for this new water bottle. I took their word they would send it once it was back within the next few weeks. I kicked myself for days because I didn’t want anything to go wrong. They handled it super well. It’s coming exactly when they said it was (maybe a little early).

I would recommend Owala as a brand. Their product can stand alone. Both water bottles I’ve received so far have been great. The stainless steel is exactly what it is advertised as. I didn’t know what to expect with the plastic one because that’s not what I wanted but my mom loves it. It’s got her drinking more water. I’m excited to get my new one in the mail this week!


  • Alecia Smith

    Hi! I’m curious how your stainless steel bottles are holding up in the dishwasher. I really want to order a free sip but after reading that it’s hand wash only, I’m a little hesitant..

    • Girl

      They’re holding up super well! I haven’t had any issues. I do have minor scrapes on them due to dropping them but other than that, they are still in perfect condition.

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