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Five Ways to Destress

When the semester started, I was extremely overwhelmed. The first week is always a challenge. It feels like there are a million things to do and no time to get it done. The first few weeks of school remind me of the importance of being mindful. I also prioritize time to destress. This looks different to everyone but here are five ways I destress.

  • Watching Bloopers

For me, laughing is key. Whenever I can get out of my head and laugh, I can feel stress melt away. I tend to look up bloopers from my favorite shows as a go to. The Office and Schitt’s Creek are my go to shows for bloopers. They never fail to make me laugh and almost always put me in a good mood. They can be five minutes long which is great because I only have to take a brief pause from reality.

  • Writing Things Down

When I have a long to do list or a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head, writing things down can be relaxing. Whether I write down what takes priority or journal a bit, it doesn’t matter. As long as I take the time to slow my mind, I can then refocus on the task at hand. This gives me a bit of relief in the midst of any type of overwhelming day.

  • Being With Your Pet

Sometimes I need a good reminder to take time to be with Crush. Of course, Crush is with me all day but I don’t turn things off and sit with him very often. This is extremely relaxing. Again, all it takes is five minutes and my mind can reset. It’s sensory so it helps to ground me into the present and let stress melt away.

  • Venting

Never forget how powerful venting can be. Call up a friend or even text what you’re going through. Much like writing, it helps to get all of the thoughts in your brain out in the open. This not only puts things in perspective but is a way to lean on your support system. You can find encouragement and help when leaning on other people.

  • Lighting a Candle

I know, this is simple. If you really feel you can’t step away from reality, even for a second, light a candle. It creates a calming presence in your space. You can also use it to measure how you’re breathing. This can help you be mindful in the midst of panic. It’s also sensory and can help ground you. I always like to keep a candle burning while I’m working.

These are tips that I’ve found work for me. These may not work for you or your lifestyle but it’s worth a try. There is so much tension and stress in the world right now. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in being overwhelmed. Stay present, stay mindful, and continue to destress. You deserve the world but all of its stress is not your responsibility.

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