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How to Stay Focused in Zoom Classes

I have discovered that Zoom lectures are extremely difficult to focus in. I know that I’m not the only one with this problem. I’ve come up with a few ways to keep myself focused. They aren’t always 100% effective, depending on the lecturer. Although, they can definitely help when I’m struggling to stay away or off my phone.

  • Take Notes

This is huge. My professors will post their lecture notes in the class. It’s easy to just avoid taking notes and keep their power points for reference. Avoid doing that. Take notes in class. It will help keep you present and focused on what is being taught. Even if it’s boring or you’re disinterested, fight the feeling of being disengaged.

  • Speak Up/Keep Your Camera On

I thought I would always keep my camera off. It’s uncomfortable for me to feel like I’m being watched. However, I discovered quickly that it’s easy to get distracted when there’s no accountability. Keep your camera on and it will keep you engaged in the class. It’s not a perfect system but it is a lot easier to stay focused when you know someone is watching. It also helps to speak up in class. Ask questions and contribute to the conversation, don’t rely on the chat. It may push you out of your comfort zone but it will give you a better experience overall.

  • Find Your Space

I talked about this in my online school article. Dedicate one space for school and homework. It will really help you fight procrastination. Your brain will be ready to work if it attributes one space with productivity. If you’re working in your room, avoid working on your bed or areas you relax. This may create problems with sleep and your natural flow.

  • Keep a Schedule

Again, I talked about this in my online school article but it’s very true. If you’re not keeping a schedule for school, you will not want to focus. When you’re overtired, you will automatically disengage. This is especially true if you stay in your pajamas. Stay accountable to yourself. You can also find an outside source to keep you accountable to your schedule. This will help you stay focused in lectures.

Right now, it’s important to give yourself grace. These are times unlike any other. Personally, I never expected to be doing my senior year of college remotely. It’s not like an online course, and it’s not like being in person. It’s something completely new to me and to most other students. If you’re lost or struggling, speak to your professors. They will likely understand and be feeling the same way. You’re not alone. We’ll all get through it together!

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