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Creating an Online School Schedule

I have been doing online classes for a long time. I’ve done it both for high school and several semesters in college. It can be difficult to find your groove with online school. Especially if you have no prior experience. Creating a schedule for yourself is the first step to success. It’s important to set and reach goals weekly to keep yourself on track and thriving. Here are some easy ways to make a school schedule that works for you.

  • Start Your Day off Right

This is vital for me. It’s important to wake up at the same time everyday during your week. Even if you don’t have classes, this is helpful in a variety of different ways. This will automatically make waking up for classes easier. It will also make you more productive and likely to finish homework on a day when you’re free.

  • Get Ready

Getting ready looks different for everyone. For me, I often like to do my hair and make up, even if I’m at home. It makes me feel ready for the day. If I stay in my pajamas or put on sweats, I don’t feel motivated to be productive. I end up wasting the day on facebook videos or trashy TV. Even if you put on normal clothes that look a bit better than your comfy outfits, it’s a good way to keep yourself on track.

  • Keep an Agenda

Keeping an agenda can be difficult for a lot of people. When you’re at home it can be even more challenging. It feels like information is automatically accessible. If you have an agenda, you’re less likely to miss deadlines. You can also plan when you’re going to do assignments so you’re accountable for doing them on days off. It’s easy to procrastinate but don’t fall into that trap.

  • Create a Workspace

If you haven’t already, create a desk space for yourself. Dedicate one area to homework and classes so when you sit down, you’re ready to work. This seems really simple but laying in bed to do homework is never a good idea. It often leads to getting less done. It can also make it difficult to sleep because your brain will associate school with that area. It’s best to keep areas separate.

  • Don’t Procrastinate and Set Goals

Procrastination is something I’ve had to work through. I really struggled with this for years. Online school and these past tips are what got me out of that mindset. It’s important to set goals for your semester and also your week. Dedicate one specific time to laying out your week and assigning when things will get done. If you wait till the last minute, you’ll be stressed all week. If you get it done in little chunks throughout the week your free time isn’t stressful. You don’t have to worry about when things will get done.

  • One Assignment at a Time

This goes along with the agenda and procrastination. Unlike in the classroom, you can often see all the assignments you have to get done right away. Don’t let that overwhelm you. I start the semester off by writing down every deadline. This way I don’t miss anything but it also doesn’t feel as stressful. Focus on getting one assignment done at a time. Don’t work yourself up wondering when it will all get done.

I know online school isn’t for everyone but clearly options are limited. I hope that these tips can help you succeed in a new and confusing environment. I have had a lot of experience in this realm and it’s easy to fail by letting yourself procrastinate. Set yourself up for success. I hope you have a great semester!


  • Jennie F

    Excellent advice ! My grandson is entering 6th grade and for him such a big change and virtual learning as well.. it’s like he went from 5th grade to college for accountability etc… this home virtual thing is a tough go, but wow you all have it over me an ole lady who still has trouble learning from computer instead of a book, Your generation is to applauded. Keep the positive notes coming, you don’t realize it but as wonderful as they are for like aged folks your bits and pieces are good for all us as well. Jennie F

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