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One More Surgery

I talked about getting my wisdom teeth removed over a month ago. The last several weeks have been crazy busy. Finally, I have it all set up to get my wisdom teeth removed. It couldn’t have had better timing either because my jaw is really starting to ache. I’ve had conversations with my doctor. As well as an anesthesia team, and the oral surgeon. We are moving forward with surgery at the hospital. This will ensure my safety. When I got my tonsils removed, I had significant uvula swelling. The swelling could’ve been a result of the trauma to my mouth or an angioedema reaction.

Anytime the culprit could be angioedema, the medical team needs to proceed cautiously. This surgery will also be within that same region (obviously). Because of this, they are choosing to take higher precautions. I also needed to be intubated during my last surgery that was supposed to take place under sedation. I respect their decision, I think it is the most reasonable choice. I will go through a pre surgery appointment with my doctor. If I get approved, which I’m sure I will, surgery will happen October 5th.

I’m not sure what the reaction will be to surgery. I often recover from surgery faster than the average person. In this case, my POTs has been acting up more recently, so I’m a little hesitant. The only thing I can do to prepare is hydrate, eat a lot of salt, and rest afterwards. Resting will be the most difficult. My surgery restrictions from my last surgery are lifted that same week. It’s going to be a process of patience.
When all is said and done, I’m relieved to finally be getting them removed. I think it will allow me to avoid a lot of pain and discomfort. I’m hopeful and excited to get the surgeries over with. Fingers crossed that this is my last surgery for the year. Personally, I think four surgeries is enough for a 365 day period.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thank you for reading. Come back on Friday for another blog post or check out my Instagram @girlcompressed !

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