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Dysautonomia Awareness Month

It’s Dysautonomia awareness month! October is dedicated to spreading the word about Dysautonomia. My personal journey with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome has been extremely turbulent. At its worst, it took away my ability to walk and function properly. I am grateful for the tremendous amounts of help I received from doctors, family, and friends. Everyday I am symptomatic in one way or another. Despite this, I continue to thrive as I learn to work with my disability, rather than against it.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had a journey parallel to mine. Millions of people live with Dysautonomia. POTS specifically has a significant diagnostic delay. This leaves patients struggling to find help, often with no where to turn. These symptoms can be written off as anxiety, somatization, or simply dismissed altogether. We have come a long way with medical technology. Testing to diagnose this condition, is not widespread and only available at specialists. This can be inaccessible to those without insurance. Spreading awareness about Dysautonomia will improve the lives of millions.

Please consider spreading the word about Dysautonomia! I’m linking several helpful articles below. Please consider donating to Dysautonomia International. They have been influential in the medical community. They connect patients worldwide to doctors who specialize in autonomic disorders. They are an incredible organization and I’m proud to say that I volunteer with them.

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