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Four Ways to Stay Warm in Fall

The weather is changing and whether you’re a fellow spoonie or not, you may be feeling the effects. I always struggle with the changing weather. For me, my circulation becomes a big problem with cooler temperatures. Having Raynaud’s phenomenon, if I don’t stay warm enough, my limbs will turn purple. That’s the best case scenario because once they start going numb, I know there’s a problem. Here are five ways to stay warm in the fall!

  • Layer Up!

This is obvious but there are lots of options you may not know about. When I started having issues, I’d end up sweating through clothes. I layered too much. Then when I held back, I was once again too cold. Sometimes it’s a difficult balance to strike. Start with a Cami or undershirt. Depending on the weather or your mood, t-shirts or long sleeves are always necessary. Then you can wear a cardigan, if that’s not enough, throw a sweater on top. Scarves are also a great way to add warmth while staying cute.

  • Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are great. They are often marketed to people who participate in outdoor sports but they are handy to have on hand. I always keep them in my car, just in case. They’ve come in handy a lot. You can also keep them in your pockets and no one will be the wiser. 

  • Warm Drinks

Again, this is obvious. The thing that’s important to not about this is that it helps me warm up systemically. It usually gives me genuine warmth if I sip drinks and hold them close. I use this trick all the time, whether I’m at home or on the go. I can have my heater running but I won’t warm up until I drink some tea. 

  • Boots

This is another fashion tip. Wear boots and double up on socks. It’s easy to fit in most pairs of boots even if they are made for fashion rather than practicality. You can always slip a pair off if it becomes too much. Also, you can just keep a spare pair and use it in an urgent situation. It’s an easy solution.

Living in Minnesota, I’ve learned a lot of tricks about how to stay warm. However, every time the season changes I have to learn all over again. These may be obvious to you, depending on where you live. Having poor circulation can cause a lot of different issues. The easy way to avoid a disaster is staying warm. 

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