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Five Must Haves for POTs Patients

There are a lot of things I have specifically for my medical condition. I wanted to outline a few things that I have that are for my POTs. These were helpful for both before and after I was diagnosed. If you’re new to the diagnosis or you think you might have it, considering investing in these tools. Here are five must haves for POTs patients.

  • Pulse Ox

I got my pulse Ox monitor only recently. I was relying on my apple watch to tell me my heart rate. 99% of the time my watch is accurate. The oxygen saturation component is particularly helpful and not offered on my watch. When I’m having issues with minor swelling as a result of my mast cell issues, I know when to go to the hospital. It’s also helpful to see where I’m at in general.

  • Heart Rate Tracker

Like I said, my watch is really helpful. Specifically when I run, my apple watch can give me a great sense of where I am. My apple watch can read heart rates that are higher than my pulse ox which caps at 240. I haven’t been that high in a while but it is important to know if I get to that point for obvious reasons.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

Much like the previous two, this is helpful to understand why I’m feeling symptomatic. The nice thing about being able to check all of these vitals is that I can adjust my management based on my needs. Previous to getting all of these things, I would start blindly treating symptoms. It wouldn’t get me very far and it was time consuming.

  • Liquid IV or Electrolytes

I always keep electrolytes on me. It’s a simple fix whenever I become symptomatic. Drinking electrolytes can’t ever do me harm. Even if it’s not the answer, it usually gives my body a decent boost. In conjunction with this, I also have salt tablets on me most of the time. The combination of the two is really helpful.

  • Grabber

I’m going to insert a picture below of what I’m talking about. When Crush started picking stuff up off the floor for me, it was a game changer. It’s incredibly helpful. It also keeps me from trying to pick stuff up with my feet and trying to balance while doing it. I personally don’t have one, because I have Crush but I would highly recommend.

These are simple gadgets or ideas that can just make life a little easier. I think that it’s important to highlight anything that makes me less symptomatic. I know what it’s like to be completely debilitated by POTs and I wish I had these tools from the jump. Let me know what works for you!

I hope your day is filled with positivity, joy, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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