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Creating a Morning Routine

Having routines is something that I’ve found to be very helpful. My body is often ready when I need it to be because I’ve allowed it time and space to rest and recharge. I’m type A and I understand that making schedules is not everyone’s strong suit. So here are some great tips for creating your own morning schedule.

  • Write Down your Intentions for the day

This is something I actually do at night. I write down the bullet points of what I’d like to get done for the next day. I try to write them in order of importance, that way when I’m going through my day, I know how to prioritize my time and energy. Running out of spoons half way through the day was a real problem for me before I started this. Now I have a better understanding of how to go about my day.

  • Set Your Mind up for Success

Mindset is everything. For me, I try to set my mind in gratitude mode every morning. I start off with a gratitude meditation first thing when I wake up. It’s easy to pick up our phones and jump into the day. I’ve found that not using my phone or worrying about notifications right away when I wake up calms me. Next, I write down five things I am grateful for. That way when a difficult or frustrating situation arises, I revert into thinking about what I am grateful for. This has worked tremendously for me. I struggle with OCD. When I’m fighting to control my thoughts, being grateful gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

  • Make Your Bed

This is something that is simple yet helpful. For many of us, this can be something that is challenging but in my opinion it’s worth the extra effort. When I come into my space after a long day, there is nothing better than crawling into my nice clean and cozy bed. When left unmade, I get anxious or feel like I’m forgetting something. It’s an easy way to feel accomplished early in the morning. 

  • Fuel Your Body

Everyone will tell you that old saying “You are what you eat.” I don’t know if that’s true but food definitely makes a difference in our mood. I try to start my day off with a fruit smoothie, oatmeal, and coffee. I get something sweet, that only contains natural sugar. I get something savory from the peanut butter I put in my oatmeal and of course I get my coffee. Something very important to note, I love coffee but it does give me heart palpitations or makes me shake. I’ve played around with caffeine amounts and now I have found what works for me. I wasn’t willing to give up coffee but I did have to give up a lot of caffeine and it’s helped my body. When I say fuel your body, pay attention to how foods make you feel. Your body will respond to foods it doesn’t like.

  • Cushion Your Time

I like to be early to everything. If I’m running late, even by five minutes I start to panic. This is something I’m working on but for most people, running late is stressful. I’ve started to pad my time in the morning so that I’m not down to the wire on when I have to leave the house. Having ten to fifteen minutes to sit down and have breakfast is huge. It allows my body to ease into the day without feeling bombarded with a to-do list that’s several miles long. 

These are simple things to implement into your morning routine. Remember that with any new pattern it can be challenging to stick with it before you see results. This is normal. Also, give yourself credit for wanting to improve your morning. Trying new things and finding what works for you. This isn’t a small step. Millions of people know that they “should” do things for their health but we all know it’s easier not to. Making steps in the right direction should always be rewarded with self praise and self love. 

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