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I Got A Job

I’m excited to announce that I am officially employed! Finding a job has been a taxing process that I wasn’t prepared for. I thought it would be as easy as it had been in the past. Boy was I wrong. After what felt like a long journey, I finally found a good fit. The best news of all is that they chose me knowing that Crush would be by my side. I am now a receptionist. 

I chose to apply for reception jobs. They seemed like the most feasible option for me. Although this job strays from what my original plan was, I think we will all make a great fit. I’m starting at a low amount of hours per week. This is a great way for me to ease back into working, especially with school. I was hoping to hit the ground running but I’m taking this as a sign that this is better. 

I don’t want to give to many specifics of the job but I will be working with senior residents. I think for my personality, this will be a great job. It’s a great opportunity to brighten peoples days. I also have the chance to form a bond with individuals who can’t see their family because of covid. I’m also hoping it gives me an opportunity to get vaccinated, although I’m not 100% sure if that’s true. 

Like I said, this job picked Crush and I as a team. I made the executive decision to bring Crush to my in person interview. This was a big decision. Despite the commentary from family and friends, it’s a difficult choice to make. I wanted this job to choose us both. I also wanted to impress upon them my ability without the knowledge of my disability. I also didn’t want to have to worry about how well Crush would behave. That’s not to say that Crush isn’t always on his best behavior, but it’s something I don’t always have control over. I can’t make him perform at maximum capacity. I didn’t want things like him rubbing against my leg to be bothersome to the interviewers. Does it change how well he works or how well we work as a team? Not at all but it wasn’t something I wanted to chance during an interview while putting my best foot forward. 

That being said, I brought him and he did amazing! I am so ecstatic to be back to working even if it’s only ten hours a week. I have absolutely loved my previous jobs and I can’t wait to love this job too. Let me know how you’ve dealt with bringing your service dog to work/ job interviews! 

I hope you’re having an amazing day. I hope your day is filled with joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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