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A Review of Mary Ruth's Organics

Happy Wednesday!

Today, we’re going to be talking all about vitamins. Unfortunately, I’ve been plagued by several different vitamin deficiencies. They eb and flow but I stay on a constant stream of supplements to avoid any significant drops. Over the years, I’ve tried a wide range of supplements. There are brands that I’ve loved and brands that well, really missed the mark. So where does Mary Ruth’s Organics fall on that scale?

I honestly love Mary Ruth’s. There are a few different products I’ve tried. The range in which I like them varies but overall the brand would get an A from me. Let’s go through the products I’ve tried.

  • Starting off strong is the Vitamin D

I love the Vitamin D supplement. It’s incredibly difficult to find vegan gummy supplements. I am partial to gummies personally and these ones taste pretty good. You have to be conscious of where you are storing them but overall, I haven’t had any issues. They taste good and have kept my levels relatively normal.

  • Then there’s the Liquid Iron

Let’s be real, iron supplements are gross. There is no way around nasty iron. The capsules of Iron are preferably but Mary Ruth’s didn’t have any that I saw. I needed them ASAP so I decided to take the risk with Liquid Iron. It’s not amazing. It’s not horrible but really not ideal. The taste is overall not bad. The aftertaste is what gets me. It tastes like straight metal, again it’s not anything that I didn’t expect given that it is an iron supplement.

  • Liquid B Complex

The Liquid B Complex was another impulse buy. I like the idea of taking liquids rather than capsules. I don’t know why that appeals to me but it does. This is by far the best tasting liquid vitamin I’ve had. I really enjoy the taste. Would I order any food that tasted like it? No, definitely not but it doesn’t taste bad and I would say that on a scale it’s pretty close to downright good.

  • Liquid Turmeric

Another Liquid, I know. So, I am trying to be more conscious about inflammation. My doctor had suggested that I include more turmeric in my diet. I found that somewhat challenging so I just jumped in head first and bought the supplement. It is something that my doctor put on my radar and not just something I thought might be worth trying. The liquid doesn’t taste bad, it’s not extremely pleasant either but in comparison to iron it is delightful. I really have no strong feelings about this product either way.

Overall, I really would recommend Mary Ruth’s Organics and I would highly recommend it. From my research, their company is founded on the idea of making health more accessible. If swallowing pills is difficult for you, their liquid vitamins are an option. I won’t know how successful these vitamins are in lifting my levels for a while. The Vitamin D supplement has kept me above deficient for a while though. I’d say that’s a positive sign. Let me know what you think of Mary Ruth’s Organics in the comments!

I hope you’re having a great day. I hope your day is filled with joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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