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A Review of Honey Pot Company

I recently switched to natural products. In an effort to truly take care of my body, I wanted all of my products to be natural. In July, I decided to stop the Depo Provera shot and allow my body to do what it does naturally. As a child, I dealt with recurrent ovarian cysts and I’ve been on birth control for almost ten years to control that. Now, I’m experiencing a wave of what happens post birth control. I needed feminine products but I wanted the company I trusted to have the same values I have for my body. That’s when I came across the Honey Pot Company.

I’ve now been using their products for about three-four months. I’ve tried everything from their wash, wipes, spray, pads, and cream. I went all in. I’ve had some mixed experiences with products but overall I’m a big fan. So let’s dive into the full experience.

I really liked that on their website they have a quiz that lets you know which products are right for you. I personally found it really helpful after not having a period for so long to gauge what I really wanted/needed. I started off by buying the menstrual cup. I had never tried one and I was pretty nervous. I was hoping for a zero waste period so I put fear aside and tried it. I actually really like it. It lasts longer than a tampon and I have less leaks with it. After the first few wears, it got much easier to insert and take out. I would recommend it. 

Moving on to their wash and wipes. I found their travel wipes to be really helpful. With my medical condition, I can tend to over sweat and it gives me a chance to feel fresh and clean. Especially after a workout or hike, this is really helpful. Their wash I use daily. I do notice a difference after using it. I can have some itching occasionally but I feel fresh 99% of the time after using it. I can also notice a difference in hygiene. For me personally, this is 100% the way to go. 

Finally, let’s talk pads. I really like that their pads are scented. I know that’s not for everyone but I find it pleasant. I like their pads overall. I think they are really nice, they smell great, and I don’t have any issues with them in general. I do however have a slight burning sensation every now and then when using them. I’m not sure if this is from the perfume or formula but it is worth noting that I have had an issue a couple times. This hasn’t detoured me from using them or buying them but it’s something that has occurred on occasion. 

The buying process on their website is very user friendly. I really enjoy buying directly from their website. The shipping process usually takes up to a week, which isn’t bad. The packaging of the box it ships in is discrete, if there’s any concern about that. I haven’t had to utilize customer service because I’ve been a content consumer. Overall, I would highly recommend Honey Pot products. 

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know if you’ve tried Honey Pot and if you’ve enjoyed their products. I hope that your day is going well. I hope it’s been filled with hope, positivity and laughter.

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