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The Best Compression Leggings

In my experience, finding compression leggings can prove to be a daunting task. For weeks, I scoured the internet trying to discover which brand I wanted to trust. Amazon had the most fruitful results. The styles they showed me were mostly for active individuals who need compression for sports. In my case, I need compression to help maintain my blood pressure. The most important areas for me to compress is my abdomen and thighs. I’ve tried leggings that were over $100 and some that are less than $30. At the end of the day there are key things to know when finding compression leggings.

What are you using them for?

When starting your search, you first want to identify why you are using them. This can narrow down whether you want functional everyday leggings or an active pair that may wick unwanted sweat marks. If you are like me and are using them to aid you with chronic illness, you might need both pairs. This is okay, some very effective brands are somewhat cheap and may allow you to try two pairs at a time.

Where do you need to compress?

After you’ve identified why you need compression leggings, you want to find which areas of your body you’re trying to compress. Like I said earlier, I need to compress my abdomen and thighs. Although leggings are covering one specific area of the body, you may require a pair that is high waisted. You also need to decide whether you want 15-20mmHg or 20-30mmHg. I’ve heard of doctors suggesting 30-40mmHg. My physician said that that level of compression is inhumane. If you’re using compression for something like golf, a simple pair of knee high compression socks might suit your needs. This option may be cheaper than investing in leggings. 

Finding a brand

There are plenty of brands that are “medical grade quality” but that term can be used loosely. In my opinion, looking on amazon is the easiest way to find a perfect brand. They have comments and reviews and most people add on what they are using them for. My favorite and most effective leggings are often used after pregnancy to compress the stomach. For me, this brand was perfect because it’s tight in all the right areas. Brands I had tried previously, built for running didn’t give me any type of real compression. In my personal life, I am rather active as a runner. I assumed running leggings with compression would be perfect but unless you’re running they don’t really help.  Most active leggings I’ve tried have 10mmHg. That level of compression often doesn’t serve a large purpose. 

Will Insurance Pay?

This is a difficult question to answer. Every insurance company is different and every plan varies. The benefit of ordering leggings from a medical company, insurance may reimburse you. Most doctors write a prescription for compression garments. There are many medical stores that will process your order through insurance on the spot. I’ve found that these types of transactions only cover compression socks. That is from my personal experience. Most doctors will tell you what type of compression  garments to purchase. Mine, are supposed to be thigh high. If you’ve ever tried thigh high compression socks, you know why I wanted leggings. They’re a pain…at best. I would call your insurance company or go to their website to look up your personal benefits. 

My top two brands

Homma- $22

Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

These leggings don’t appear to be anything more than regular leggings. They have some design elements, they are not straight forward leggings. However, they don’t look like active legging material. This is my biggest pet peeve when I’m looking to wear a nicer shirt, I don’t want my leggings to look like I’m headed to the gym. I would say these are the best for their price. 

Marena Shape- $118

Compression Legging

These leggings work and do an adequate job. I do notice a positive impact when I wear them but sizing is important. Airing on the size up is risky in compression leggings, it may keep them from doing their job. For this brand especially, follow the sizing guide. I would have benefited more from getting a size down. They tend to roll a bit every once and awhile, this isn’t uncommon with most compression garments I’ve purchased. They do alright but the price is higher than what I’m comfortable with

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