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How to Stay Creative in 2021

It’s a new year! Whoop Whoop! Although it’s a new year, I think we’re all still burnt out from 2020. I realize this week how significant creativity releases tension for me. This led me to the thought, “How do I stay creative in 2021?” After feeling so emotionally exhausted from 2020, how do I keep energy to be creative? Here’s what I am going to do:

  • Utilize Coloring Books

I have a few coloring books and I ABSOLUTELY love them. They are great for when I need to be creative but my brain is in overdrive. For me, once I get some of that energy out, I can start writing or painting. These are moments when my brain just needs to tune out. It’s not about drawing or starting from scratch, I let myself pick colors and that’s as much work as I put into it.

  • Drawing

If you’re not completely in overdrive but not in a place to write, drawing can be great! It can help you organically express your emotions without overanalyzing them. Something that allows your brain to shut off slightly. You’re still creating and your brain can get a bit of a reprieve.

  • Knitting

I realize that drawing isn’t everyone’s forte. Drawing can be uncomfortable for some people. If you’re perfectionistic or anxious, it may add fuel to the fire. Knitting is a great alternative. It’s got rules. You follow a pattern but can also experiment with different stitches and designs. It allows you to create within the bounds of having rules.

  • Pottery

This may be harder to do at home. I love pottery. Working with your hands can be so satisfying. It doesn’t have rules like knitting but it’s much more hands on. You are able to just play or seriously work on a masterpiece. It’s a good outlet to try if you haven’t found something that works for you in the past.

  • Writing

I think this is the most simplistic option but sometimes the most difficult. I have written scripts, journals, stories, and blog articles all to make sense of the world. I find that for me, this is a huge help. It allows me to keep a log of where I’m at. That being said, sometimes writing contributes to how overwhelmed I feel. That is when I step back and utilize one of these other hobbies.

None of these are revolutionary ideas. They’re all things you can do or start with relative ease. That’s the point. I could write out ways to stay creative that take expensive tools or many steps. I think right now, we need simplicity. We need to be able to meditate with our activities a bit. Shutting your brain off is really healthy, especially if you didn’t get a second to breathe in 2020. Let yourself step back for a moment in 2021 and add one of these hobbies into your routine!

I hope your day is going well. I hope it includes joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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