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A Review of Liquid IV

I have had mixed experiences with electrolyte drinks. Some have too much sugar, others don’t work or cause other problems, and some taste horrible. I found liquid IV relatively soon after being diagnosed with POTs. I think it’s convenient because of the packet style. They fit into bags, I often keep several packets in my car. They’re just handy to have around.

For a while, I only drank Liquid IV and water. I was symptomatic but felt well hydrated for the most part. It was later that I started supplementing with small bottles of Gatorade. Liquid IV was no longer holding me. Like my health, my dependence on various electrolyte drinks varies.

Liquid IV tastes fine, it’s nothing to write home about. That is better than other brands I’ve tried that tasted disgusting. It has a moderate amount of sugar but it’s far better than Gatorade. It’s somewhere in the middle of nutritional value.

Overall, I like Liquid IV and I keep buying it. For me, it will always be my best “just in case” option to have on me. I also like it for days of moderate activity. I’ve found that it won’t hold me on days when I’m doing workouts. If you haven’t tried Liquid IV, I’d recommend it. Its price is comparable to other drinks and I haven’t had side effects from it. Let me know how you like it in the comments or on my Instagram!

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