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A Review of Who Gives A Crap

Recently, I was scrolling on Tik Tok and came across a sustainable brand I had never heard of, Who Gives A Crap. I was intrigued as it was branded as an impactful way to sustainably purchase toilet paper. Paper of any sort can be bad for the planet. The toilet paper I purchased was 100% recycled 3-ply. Let’s get into the process and my thoughts.

Ordering through their website was super easy. You get a variety of options, including a subscription service. I opted to subscribe because I am constantly forgetting to get toilet paper as my rolls run out. I ordered 24 rolls every eight weeks. When I signed up for the subscription I automatically got $10 off. My total was $23 for that first time order and will go up to $34 afterwards. This is relatively comparable to other brands but more expensive overall. Shipping is free but likely added into the overall cost of the item.

The order got to me within the week, which I thought was pretty impressive. I was pleasantly surprised that every roll is individually wrapped. They look very nice to display. They also have three rolls that are labeled “emergency rolls.” These serve as indicators you’re running out, which I thought was a nice touch. Each roll is double length, 100% recycled, and biodegradable.

The toilet paper itself is nice. It’s not super soft but it’s also not rough. It’s exactly what I expected it to be. It also doesn’t break and is relatively durable as far as toilet paper goes. It doesn’t clog the toilet and I imagine that it hasn’t clogged my pipes either because I haven’t noticed any issue. The website states, “plays well with most septic tanks.”

Who Gives A Crap as a company stands for improving the planet. 50% of their proceeds get donated to create safe access to water and clean toilets. A large population of the world still doesn’t have sanitary access for defecation. This leads to numerous health issues for the human population. This lack of access also has a troubling effect on the planet and it’s resources for the community of practice.

Would I order again? I can say confidently that I’ll keep my subscription. I am all for trying to make the world a more sustainable and ethical place. I think that this is a positive way to spend a few extra dollars every couple of months. I also enjoy having nicely wrapped rolls of toilet paper to display. They also change the paper according to the season. If you want to gift a toilet paper subscription, now is a great time. If you order by December 9th it’ll be there for Christmas.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day. I hope that your day is filled with joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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