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Pill Organizer Review

I take medication multiple times a day. I’ve always used a small pill container to organize my morning and nightly medications. Overtime, my lifestyle has outgrown it. I take medication at three different times throughout the day. Setting out my nightly pills and morning pills at the same time worked for a while but posed challenges. Particularly when I go out, I have to put all my medications together in front of people. It’s cumbersome and time consuming. It also raises a lot of questions. During the day, I take my medication and sometimes forget whether I took it or not. I was on the hunt for a better solution.

I came across the “Weekly Pill Organizer” on Amazon. It was priced well at $7.99 and had three medication times and an entire week in one case. One of the features that I think is great, all the days can be removed. This makes carrying around my medication a million times easier. Yes, I’ll still have to take my big medication bag in the car but I don’t need it everywhere I go. I can take one day out with me. This also solves the problem of taking my medication in front of people.It’s subtle instead of bulky.

The case is clear and has spaces for every pill day. The days aren’t held in very tightly but there are spaces carved out for them. The fact that they can be taken out and rearranged is so pleasing to me. I like to plan my week starting on Monday and that’s easily done by changing how the days are ordered. Both the big case and pill cases close securely. I’m not worried about them popping open. Having a service dog, pills dropping on the ground is my worst nightmare. The big case with all seven days also fits in my medication bag. It’s not one more thing that I have to travel around with.

If you’re on the hunt for a pill organizer, I would highly recommend this one. It’s fairly priced and well constructed. It’s easy to bring around. Each day is small and can be fit discreetly into a bag. I’m so grateful I found this and hope that it helps you guys as well!

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