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A Review of Thred Up

Lately, I’ve been more conscious of the waste that my lifestyle produces. After taking a class on both water sustainability, it’s clear that our habits are killing the planet. What does this have to do with clothes? Quick fashion trends produce a lot of waste and fabric that ends up in landfills. I wanted to find a solution without losing my ability to shop. Thred Up was the ideal situation for me. Everything you buy is second hand and everything you donate is either recycled or sold.

My Buying Experience

I’ve bought clothes from Thred Up multiple times now. The experience of shopping is relaxing and organized. Preferences can be set so you only see your size. You can also customize your search to only see exactly what you are looking for (i.e. yellow dress or pink pants). In addition to this, you can edit how much use the clothes have had in the past. You can select from “New with Tags, Like-New, Gently Used, and Signs of Wear.”
In my personal experience, being able to customize these settings makes buying easier. It’s similar to a thrift store, you have to search for good deals and what you want. By setting parameters on your search you automatically get directed to what you want.

Everything I have bought has been true to description. It shipped quickly and was at my house in about a week. Like buying anything online, some things don’t fit the same way you expected. There is a restocking fee for returns. If you opt for crediting your account as opposed to cashback the fee is minimal. I’ve only returned one thing and it was simple and easy. It took two weeks to credit my account but I was in no hurry, you can also be updated as to the status of your return on their app.

My Selling Experience

I’m in the process of selling my own used clothes on Thred Up. Normally, I would donate them to GoodWill but I thought I would try this feature. It’s free to ship your boxes uses the label that you print at home. The clothes are sifted through and then recycled or resold. I’m not doing this to make money. I won’t be disappointed if the majority of stock gets recycled but I prefer this to the trash.

I’ve had excellent experiences with Thred Up. The buying experience is easy and functional. The app is well updated and keeps buyers informed about their order status. I would highly recommend Thred Up not only for their great service but because it is so great for the planet. Even these small differences can add up and make a big change. Let me know what you think of Thred Up on Instagram or in the comments below!

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