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A Review of Thinx Underwear

If you checked out my review of the Honey Pot Company, you might’ve found your way to this article. I’m on a journey to a no waste period. Part of that journey was cutting out pads. Like most women, I have break through bleeding that requires some security. I stumbled upon Youtube videos of influencers trying out Thinx. I thought I would give it a try myself. I bought a few different products and I’m here to tell you what I thought.

  • My Shopping Experience

I went into this blind. Besides the Youtube videos I watched, I had no sense of what I wanted. I knew that I wanted a wide range for daily and nightly use. That was about it. The website was really helpful, it sorted by absorption and flow. That was a great guide. Other than that, I bought based on intuition.

  • What I bought

I bought a lot. I started with the super sleeper shorts. I then bought two thongs, my underwear of choice. Finally, I bought a bundle of their “After Dark” set. I may have gone a little overboard for my first purchase. I wanted to get a sense of what their products were really like. I knew that the thongs, although more preferable to me, might not do the job on heavier days. I padded my cart in hopes that at least one pair would be my perfect fit.

  • How They Worked

I have now utilized every pair of my Thinx. Although most of them were duplicates just in different colors, I have a decent opinion. Let me start off with the sleeper shorts. I really liked them. I got the super sleeper shorts. I will admit, they felt like a diaper when I put them on but after a few wears, I really like them. They’re comfortable and no one would know they are period shorts. The thongs I chose to wear on lighter days, just for safety. I initially didn’t know how well they’d hold up so I wanted to give them a fighting chance. They worked well. I didn’t have any issues. They were comfortable, well as comfortable as a thong can be, and kept me leak free. Finally, the hiphuggers. I liked these as well, however they were the thickest. They were the most noticeable to me on the average day of wearing. Not because of leaks but just because of their shape and feel. I still really like them but it is worth noting that they just didn’t feel as light to me. Overall, all the pairs felt very hygienic. There wasn’t a smell or odor of any kind. Throughout the week of wearing them, I didn’t have any leaks. Washing them was somewhat a pain. They can’t be put in the dryer which is a hassle. They also have to be rinsed before being washed but that doesn’t require much work.

  • My Final Thoughts

Overall, I really liked the Thinx underwear. I didn’t have any leaks which I think is the goal for most people. They were all comfortable and rather affordable. I think the biggest win in my book was the shorts even though you have to continually wash them. I’d highly recommend getting a pair of Thinx if you’re in the market for something other than pads.

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