My Experience

Travelling with Crush

A few weeks ago, Crush and I went on a trip. This was a milestone for us. It was our first time travelling together. I didn’t know what to expect. We were travelling over 500 miles and spending over eight hours in the car. I wanted to ensure both Crush and I were taken care of. I made sure to stop every few hours so Crush could get out, potty, and walk around. It was nice because I also got to do all of those things. I gave him water and kept the air on high to keep him comfortable. Of course, that means I was bundled up like the middle of Winter. Crush is such a sweet soul. He slept most of the way there.

Once we got to our destination, my mom checked us into the hotel. The hotel allowed dogs but since Crush is a service dog, they legally can’t charge him for being there. They asked to see his credential paperwork. There is no legal registry for service dogs in the United States. Asking this question is illegal. I wasn’t there for the check in process. After I heard about what happened, I went down to the desk myself. I kindly informed them that what they asked was illegal. They were very kind and said they didn’t know. It wasn’t an issue after that. This was a somewhat nerve wracking process. I had geared myself up for a fight but it was completely a non issue.

I had fears about bringing Crush in public. I didn’t know how often people saw service dogs in this state. I didn’t know if I would have public access issues or rude comments thrown at me. The first few stores went well. I definitely got looks. Then I went to target. Every new aisle was a child saying “THERE’S A DOG!” I don’t mind when kids say this but I started to feel like an alien. Apparently there are not a lot of service dogs in Indiana.

Besides the awkwardness of being in a new place, the trip went well! This feels like a new chapter for Crush and I. Even though travelling right now isn’t advised or accessible, we did it. I want to clarify that I didn’t travel for fun. We had a reason to go down there that was necessary. Anytime you’re doing something new there is bound to be discomfort and anxiety. Even so, we pushed through those emotions and came through the trip unscathed. It was a great experience and proved to me that travelling is really possible.

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