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A Review of RoadID

Recently, after renewing my license I decided to get my medical alert band. What a random time to get a medical alert bracelet. It’s not random, I was given the option to signal I had a medical alert bracelet on my license. I thought this was a fantastic idea, I checked the box right away. Then I realized I really needed to get one and finally commit. I started my search for a medical alert bracelet over a year ago. It’s been quite the journey. I struggled to find one that was cute. I wanted it to look like jewelry but also have it be clear that it is a medical alert. It’s a challenging balance. I finally landed on a RoadID. I wasn’t a huge fan of their bracelets but quickly realized I could get a slide on the band for my Apple Watch.

Melissa's light pink apple watch band with a silver plate on the left side.
Without showing all of my personal information, this is how it looks on my watch!

The Apple Watch ID was $29.99. I ordered it on August 7th and it arrived by the 14th! I was extremely happy with the turnaround time. I did end up paying $35 with the shipping cost but that was what I anticipated overall. I engraved it following the instructions on the website. It doesn’t give you the option to put an alert to specific medical conditions on the bracelet. It does give you the option to put “For Medical Information” before the call number. I think this will be sufficient.

The website itself was user friendly. The MyRoadID website was a different story. I tried to set up my account before I received my bracelet. That was a mistake. I misunderstood how the system worked. I was able to register but couldn’t put any of my information in ahead of time. You need the serial number and pin from the back of the bracelet to log information onto your profile. Once you have those numbers the website takes you through step by step and it’s relatively easy. Although, the website could definitely use an upgrade.

I put in my personal information and my emergency contacts. After that it was allergies (drug, food, and insect). Then medical information, medical history, and current medications. You have the option to put in your insurance info and provide a picture for your profile. I stressed the significance of my idiopathic angioedema. I couldn’t alert it on the bracelet itself so I needed to ensure the message was clear. You can add your personal physicians which is a nice touch if I were ever to be unconscious.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with RoadID. It fits on my Apple Watch without any trouble. It doesn’t draw attention but it’s clear that it’s there. I will say, it’s not attractive looking. It’s difficult to hide but that’s the point. The information section on the website is extremely detailed. They’ve thought of everything. I was able to input all of my information. I trust that emergency professionals will be able to access sensitive information quickly.

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