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Compression Gear That Will Save Summer!

I am ecstatic that summer is almost here. Covid may change the activities we all partake in, being outside in the warm sun will never fail to make me smile. Last year, the biggest struggle I had was finding compression wear. It has to be comfortable and stop blood pooling. I couldn’t wear shorts. I was pretty much stuck with pants all the time and it was exhausting. Not only are pants too hot during the summer, wearing compression stockings under them is such a pain. I found some solutions and I thought I would share them here with you! I found a company called Shapermint. They have a huge variety of compression gear at a decent price and they’re always running discounts. Here are the items that I’ve enlisted to save my summer!

  • Compression tank top

I have the Curveez Incredibly Shaping Cami. I got it in nude and it has been a life saver. One of the things I noticed was cuffing my jeans and wearing any pants that were above the ankle were no longer cute. All you could see was my compression gear and even if it was a patterned sock, it threw off my outfit. I found this as a great solution. I would get the compression I needed without blood pooling!

  • High Waisted Control Shorts

I got a few different pairs of these. I wasn’t sure how well they would work but I wanted to be able to wear rompers and dresses without an issue. I got the Empetua All Day Every Day High-Waisted. They have a few issues here and there. They occasionally roll down. For me, the shorts are pretty long. They tend to go down to my knee.  The thing that I like about these is all the compression is on your stomach. It’s so much better than wearing a compression binder and it’s a lot cuter too! I also got the Curveez Signature Control High Waist Boyshort. These are a thicker material with shorter shorts. They have more compression and stay up for me a lot better. In general, I don’t think you could go wrong with either one. It’s more about the type of fabric and compression you want.

I know this seems like one big ad for Shapermint and it kind of is. I genuinely love this brand. They have so many different styles of compression. If you want 10% on Shapermint gear, use my code CREW-MFRANZ ! I find that compression on my stomach keeps my blood from pooling the most efficiently. This isn’t true for everyone. This brand has different styles that compress different areas. If your legs need the compression the most, focus on their leggings. I hope that these give you at least some summer outfit ideas. I know the dreaded feeling of picking between cute and functional. Functional almost always wins for me but these have helped change that up!

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