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Why I switched To All Natural Products

The past few years have been quite the journey. A journey with chronic illness. A journey of self discovery. A journey of finding out what is right for me. In my experience, I’ve found that buying natural not only makes me feel good but is better for me. After a year of being sick, I made the choice to become vegan. Going from vegetarian to vegan wasn’t difficult for me. It made an extreme difference for my body and mind. Since I had a positive experience becoming vegan, I wanted to try more natural based products.

Of course, not everything I use is natural. Not only is it expensive but somewhat wasteful. I have a lot of products left, such as lotions or perfume. Eventually when I get more I will choose something natural, it’s just not appropriate right now. So far, I’ve worked to switch my toothpaste, skin care, some make up, and deodorant to naturally based brands. I can’t say that it’s made the difference that going vegan made but it makes me feel better as a consumer.

Too often, I am out of touch with what is going into my products. There are chemicals that I am consuming daily. I am becoming more aware of the negative effects that a lack of regulation has for everyday products. This is especially worth noting for products such as deodorant or skin care.
I want to say once again, this is my personal journey. I am not trying to make anyone else feel bad or change anyone’s mind. I find that for me, this is what is right in this moment. I enjoy knowing what goes into my products and where they are coming from. I’ve also put more emphasis into finding out how sustainable companies are. It’s nice to know that stores such as Target are becoming more transparent. I find that it’s helpful to know what brands are still using animal testing. By no means is this full disclosure but it’s a start.

I hope that you’re having an amazing day. I hope that your week is filled with positivity and gratitude. Come back on Wednesday to see my review of Native Deodorant.

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