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A Review of Native Deodorant

Recently, I started trying out new natural products. I had heard a lot about Native Deodorant. They sponsor multiple Youtubers that I enjoy watching. I also appreciated their brand focus. After running out of my previous deodorant, I took the plunge. I bought both their new non-plastic deodorant in the scent Coconut and Vanilla. In addition, I got their travel mini deodorant in the scent Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

I bought them both from Target but they had to be ordered. I got the non-plastic one with two day shipping. The mini one took a week to ship. There’s not much to say about the ordering experience since I went through Target. On the flip side, I have nothing to complain about. 

I have been using the Coconut and Vanilla deodorant for over a week now. I expected some smell issues when switching to the natural product but I didn’t experience any. It seems to have a smooth transition as advertised. I really appreciate the smell. It’s not over powering but it gets the job done. The packaging needs some work. I really appreciate that they are working on sustainability. I will continue to buy the non plastic packaging but I hope they make improvements. As of now. You have to push the stick up every time you use it. This can make for an awkward application. It also can pull the stick up when you’re taking the cap off. I also broke it in half the first time I used it. Other than the packaging, I’m very happy with the product. 

As far as the mini Pumpkin Spice Latte scent, I am also satisfied. I am hopeful they’ll come out with non plastic packaging for this size as well. I love having small products to carry with me on the daily. It’s super handy for days when you need the extra help. It’s small but still applies well. The scent is pleasant. It smells like fall. There’s always a small fear of using things that smell like pumpkin but I thought it was nice.

Overall, I would purchase these again. I’m happy with both of them. They are as advertised and I don’t feel like I’m compromising smell vs. natural products. The price was reasonable. I think it might have been slightly more expensive but it didn’t break the bank. I would recommend Native Deodorant.

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