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Running Into More Problems

As you may know, I’m finally off my surgery restrictions and I’m back to running. It has been quite the journey thus far. I’m genuinely shocked at how much endurance I’ve maintained. It feels incredible to be able to run a mile without any issues. The other day, I managed to run two miles with a short walk in between them. My heart has struggled to keep up but it’s doing its best. I can’t fault it for needing a bit of help after just starting up again. Shockingly, my heart is not the part of my body that is struggling the most while running.

Running has always been a fantastic release. It allows me to process emotions readily and healthily. Running has not always been a friend to my body. In February, I had hip surgery to fix multiple things that were wrong in my left hip. I had extra bone on the ball in my hip causing a significant tear to my labrum. In addition to this, my tendon needed to be lengthened. Basically that’s three surgeries in one. All routine and nothing that a normal person would bat an eye at.

For me, it required much more planning and preparation. I needed to use a walker versus crutches for balance. I moved to a different floor of my house to avoid stairs. My mobility was severely compromised, even more than usual. That was only one of the many surgeries I’ve endured this year.
I was ecstatic to start exercising again. I wasn’t sure how my back would feel. It is sore and I wish I could get a regular chiropractic adjustment but only minor ones are allowed. My battery hasn’t had any issues with the new movement and the wire has stayed put. My body is healing well and I am so grateful. My right hip however has had a really difficult time with exercise lately. Whenever I lift it vertically or move it sideways it pops.

This scares me. I really would love to avoid any more surgeries but I’ve heard that pop before. I sent a message to my orthopedic surgeon seeking advice and counsel. In my head, my options are limited. Meaning, surgery is likely on the horizon once again. How long I can stave off surgery is the question. The difficulty in my situation is that I tore my labrum very badly on my left side. My surgeon said it was one of the worst cases he’d seen. I know first hand how much damage I can do by letting this go. I would much rather fix it sooner rather than later. However, I’ve had five surgeries this year alone and I’m not ready to be immobile again.

I’m borrowing trouble. I have to wait to see what my surgeon says. Likely, I’ll need x-rays, an MRI, and a CT before we jump to surgery. All of which take time. I’d love to strengthen my left hip before I let them work on my right one. I’d love to get at least a couple months of exercise in before I’m down for the count for six-eight weeks. Only time will tell. I’m sending hope and optimism into the universe hoping that whatever outcome that comes my way was meant to be. I hope you’re having an amazing day. I hope it’s filled with love, positivity, and laughter.

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