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An Update on My Hip

Last week I talked about issues I was running into with my hip. I had surgery earlier this year on my left hip. I had extra bone which caused a tear in my labrum making it extremely painful to exercise. The significance of this tear was something they’d usually find in someone older, around 65-70. Now, after having amazing relief in my left hip, my right hip is causing me problems.

I saw my orthopedic surgeon and they came up with a treatment plan. After looking at images of my hip, it’s clear there are abnormalities. Not only do I have extra bone on my femur and hip socket, my hip is mildly retroverted. This essentially means that my hip formed backwards to a certain extent. This news didn’t come with a lot of shock considering the pain I’ve been having but it is difficult to digest.

Now, I’m going back into physical therapy. I have to complete six weeks of intensive hip therapy. After these six weeks, if I have failed they will move forward with more testing. This includes an MRI to see if I’ve torn my labrum. As well as, an injection into my hip which will determine where the pain is coming from. To be completely honest, I don’t have a lot of optimism about getting relief from physical therapy.

I am a self proclaimed optimist and I think anything is possible. In this situation, I think surgery is the most likely scenario. I am almost fully recovered from my left hip surgery, less than a year later. In my mind, I really want to operate on the right hip as soon as possible to preserve the strength that’s already there. My left hip was so damaged going into surgery that minor activities caused severe pain. My right hip is causing me quite a bit of pain during activities but in general it only has a dull soreness when at rest. I will put my all into physical therapy. I will continue to workout and do my best to respect but train my hip.

At the end of the day, I want what’s best for my body. I would be floored with excitement if physical therapy fixed my hip. That would be phenomenal. It’s been my experience though that it won’t and my hip will only continue to get worse. As the bone cuts through the labrum the pain will only increase. Eventually, the bones are essentially rubbing against each other.

I have a lot of hope that this problem will be resolved. Whether it be through surgery or physical therapy, I’m excited to exercise and run. I’m beyond happy with the results of my left hip and so are my surgeons. The amount of relief I’ve had is far beyond what they anticipated for this timeframe. I want to thrive. I’d like both of my hips to be in tip top shape. I can achieve that and I will achieve that. I’ll be back to marathon training in no time. I hope you’re having an amazing day! I hope it’s filled with hope, positivity, and laughter.

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