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A Zenni Review: One Year Later

Last year, I wrote a review of Zenni. Zenni is an online company. It allows you to buy your prescription glasses at a cheaper price than the store. As someone who wears bifocals, a cheaper price was extremely intriguing. My overall consensus last year was that Zenni is a great brand. I’m back now, after a year of wearing my Zenni glasses to check in and give you my thoughts.

I have three pairs of glasses. Two are regular glasses with my bifocal prescription. The other is a pair of sunglasses, also with my bifocal prescription. My two pairs of everyday glasses have gone through major wear and tear. Crush (my dog) has really done a number on them. On top of this, both pairs now fall off my face at least daily. Often, it’s up to five times a day depending on what I’m doing. My sunglasses are in near perfect condition. They don’t get nearly as much use nor do they get licked, slobbered on, or knocked off my face.

What does this tell me? I really like both pairs of my everyday glasses, as well as my sunglasses. My lenses would be in the same troubling condition if I had got them from the store. The frames give me a bit of pause though. I’ve never experienced glasses have this type of bend before. Part of me believes that it could be fixed with a tightened screw. Maybe tightening the back of the glasses to better fit my ear would help. The other part of me thinks that this is the result of cheaper frames.

All in all, I replace my glasses yearly. My eyes give me a significant amount of trouble. It’s easiest to update my prescription and glasses frequently. So did I repurchase from Zenni? I did. After a lot of thought, I decided I would go for it again. I really appreciated the style, price, and customer service that Zenni offered me. Wear and tear is expected with glasses and likely could be fixed if I needed it to be. The reality is, I could replace my glasses with another pair of Zenni’s and still come in at a lower price. It’s well worth it in my opinion.

Have you ever tried Zenni? What did you think?

I hope that you’re having an amazing day. I hope that your day is filled with joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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