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I moved…again

Last week, I only posted one blog article. I wanted to come on here and say officially, there was a good reason. I moved. Only three months ago, in July, I moved to South St. Paul. I have absolutely loved my apartment and the space I live in. Everything, except one detail has been relatively perfect. I was living on a second floor. Since I live in a house that was converted into apartments, there’s no elevator and climbing up and down stairs is fully necessary. That started to take a toll quite quickly. Not only on my heart but on my joints. 

About a week ago, I got a call from my landlord and she said that the apartment below me had become available. My heart leapt with excitement because I knew the apartment was mine to claim. I jumped at the opportunity and looked at the apartment the next day. It was relatively the same as mine since it was right below me. I signed a new lease and made a plan for when moving day would come. 

I don’t do well in the interim. I like things to be neat, organized, and well constructed. Living with my apartment half packed got old after a day. Too much of my stuff needed to be utilized daily to pack everything. I moved as fast as I could. I also moved a majority of stuff alone due to the timing of it all. I spent a majority of the morning moving everything I had outside so the downstairs tenant could move upstairs into my apartment. There was no way we could do the move in bite size chunks. It had to all get done at once. Moving like this caused a lot of bumps and bruises. It was a workout and a half. I spent my entire weekend trying to recover with sore muscles and a headache that wouldn’t go away. It’s done now though and that’s what I’m holding onto.

I think what’s difficult in these situations is that I wish I was more of the type of person to let things come together slowly. I wish I could live in chaos and thrive. On the flip side, I’m extremely efficient and I get stuff done. Most of my new apartment is decorated and put together. I’m waiting on a few pieces of furniture but other than that, the hard part is over. I’m grateful for that. Now I can sit back and relax. Sure, it comes with a price. Physically, my body is having a really hard time. Mentally, I feel centered and more at peace having everything in its designated spot.

I think my dream of being able to live in chaos is born out of a desire to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being in the midst of a mess. The important lesson and take away from this endeavor is that there has to be a middle ground. Moving in a couple more weeks wouldn’t have changed the end result. It would’ve still been a difficult move. It would’ve still been challenging physically. It would’ve still been a weekend of chaos. That’s a reality that I’m very aware of. I’m doing my best to relax and take it easy, as much as possible. 

I hope that you’re having a wonderful Monday. I hope that your day is filled with joy, positivity, and laughter. I hope you find peace, love, and happiness.

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