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Gift Ideas for the Spoonie in Your Life

Getting the perfect gift for anyone is difficult. I’ve been told that since getting sick, I’m more difficult to buy for. I don’t believe that to be true but I suppose I’m not usually buying gifts for myself. Often, the things that us spoonies want is not something that can be bought. It’s always best to get a gift that speaks to someone’s soul. Here are some great gift options for the spoonie in your life.

  • Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils

I love my oil diffuser. I often use it at night with some relaxation oils but it’s a great option for anyone who isn’t sensitive to smells. This is probably on any list you see for this holiday season. Considering stress regulation is especially important for spoonies, I would suggest this. Amazon, Target, and Walmart all have diffusers to choose from. It’s important to read reviews before purchasing, not all diffusers are made the same. 

  • Something to Make Them Smile

This isn’t an exact item but most people love little things to make them smile. Pick out some little trinkets that go along with their favorite show, song, podcast or anything that shows a bit of personality. People love thoughtful gifts and that doesn’t always mean expensive. Some of my favorite gifts are small things. My best friend recently bought me a cow mug. I use it every single day and every day it makes me smile because it’s so simple. 

  • An Adventure

Depending on your spoonies ability to tolerate activity, plan a day of fun. Again, this doesn’t have to be super expensive. It could be anything. I love to plan a day in for my loved ones when they’re overwhelmed. A simple spa day with some face masks and a movie they’ll like at home. I offer to paint their nails or style their hair. It’s simple but effective. I’ve had siblings take me to professional basketball games or movies. It’s all dependent on your spoonies personality but think larger than material items.

  • Comfortable Clothing

As children, we all dreaded that one family member that brought us clothing. Now, I welcome it. I love anything and everything fuzzy. Long days full of appointments or even a day on the couch. You can’t go wrong with comfortable clothing. I can’t be the only one thrilled that sherpa has become popular. Costco has sherpa sweaters for $15 and if you ask me, that’s $15 well spent.

  • Their Favorite Drink

This is all dependent on your spoonies personal taste. If they’re anything like me, they always have something to drink. Depending on the day, I’ll have Liquid IV or some calming tea. I’m big into relaxation and I think most gifts should be somewhat practical. Get them some of their favorite go to drink. It’s simple but shows you know what they like. 

  • Something to Show You’re There

Being ill can often make you feel isolated and alone. I like to have gifts that make me think of my loved ones throughout the day. When I was young I received a ring from my mom and to this day I wear it everyday. It gives me strength to know I’m never truly alone. I’ve gotten necklaces, keychains, bracelets, and more. They all mean something very special. On difficult days it helps to have them with to remind you of those who love and care for you. 

At the end of the day, gifts shouldn’t be about the amount spent but the thought behind it. I don’t think you can go wrong if you fit your gift to someone’s personality. Even if you bought everybody in the family some of their favorite drink mix. Showing that you know what everyone likes is meaningful. Even if you have no money to spend, write your loved one a card about all that they mean to you. That is what the holiday season should be about.

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