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How To Recharge

Recharging is something that I do often. Unlike relaxing, recharging is something that is energizing to me. If I have several doctors appointments in one day, or a long to-do list, recharging is a way I stay motivated and get it done. There are tons of ways to recharge. Everyone is different but here are some of my favorite ways to recharge throughout the day.

  • Listen to Showtunes

When I need something to pick up my spirit, I turn on showtunes. Unlike my normal playlist, these are upbeat songs from shows that make me dance and sing. Although, let’s be honest, I’m usually singing in my car. My favorite songs are I Can Hear the Bells from Hairspray, The Negative and Opening up from Waitress, and Touch the Sky from Brave. This is also a way to tell if I’m burning out. If I can’t bring myself to jam out, it’s definitely time to step back, take a break, and relax.

  • Organizing Anything

I find organizing very relaxing. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning up my calendar or scheduling appointments. This is the time to get stuff done that doesn’t take effort but makes me feel accomplished. Cleaning my car, especially if I’m out for the day is a good way for me to recenter myself. If things are messy or out of place, I struggle to feel motivated. Often, this makes me feel like my entire day is off.

  • Focus on Your Breath

This is something that anyone can do anywhere. If you can check out for a moment, take 60 seconds and breathe. Focus on a breath in and a breath out. All that matters in that moment is breathing. It helps let the little things melt away. If I’m able to, I try to do this at least 3-4 times a day. If you struggle to do this on your own, the breathe app on Apple Watch is a good reminder. Otherwise, there are tons of meditation apps that have this breathing feature. I like to do it on my own, apps seem to distract me. 

  • Drink a Bottle of Water

Drinking water is something that is vital to my health. If I don’t drink enough water I could run into some real trouble. It’s also something that’s simple and makes me feel accomplished. It’s another thing that recenters my focus on the bare essentials to keep my body going. It also makes me feel good to be hydrated.

  • Having a Healthy Snack

Eating between appointments for me is often a struggle. I’m driving and eating a meal isn’t an option but not eating causes too many problems. It’s easy to grab chips or some snack that is sugary but it always leaves me feeling a bit defeated. Eating healthy helps my body recharge and not hit sugar highs and lows. Any chance to keep my body at baseline is ideal and sticking to a normal diet is important. Not to say that rewarding yourself and having a treat is bad. Everything in moderation, but for a normal day I choose a healthy snack. For example, celery and hummus, pretzels, or some type of nuts. 

  • Phone a Friend

If I have an excessive amount of downtime between appointments, I love to connect with someone. It could be a simple text, reminding them I’m there for them or wishing them a good day or a call. Making other people feel good, selfishly, makes me feel good. Now, I will admit sometimes this time is occupied by ranting about how annoyed I am going to my next appointment. Be vulnerable, put yourself out there. Whether you’re giving support or needing support. It’s simple but effective.

This is my own personal list. Some of these things may seem obvious or even ridiculous but at the end of the day they help. Acknowledging you need to recharge can be helpful in it’s own right. It’s all about finding little things that lift your spirits. Mine are very goal oriented because that’s how I feel accomplished. If you are not a self starter, your goals may look completely different. These are some simple ideas to get your process started. 

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