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Vera Bradley "ReActive Large Travel Cosmetic" Review

So it might seem weird to review a cosmetic case right? Well, I actually use this for my medications. Having gone through a lot of different experiences with medication bags, I find it helpful to see reviews of what works for other people. So let’s dive right in. I got the Vera Bradley “ReActive Large Travel Cosmetic”

My first impression was overall good. I knew that it would be bigger than my previous case, that’s why I got it. I will warn you, it is pretty big. Luckily, since getting Crush, I carry around a decent sized backpack otherwise it wouldn’t fit.

It has lots of pockets. The one in the front, used for makeup brushes it where I put my Epi-Pens. I can hold just about everything I would ever need for a hospital stay in there. It has a pocket on the back to hold granola bars and Liquid IV. My medication bottles fit nicely within the main compartment with room to spare. The pockets on the side are utilized for deodorant and miscellaneous items. Of course, I have a toothbrush on the inside pocket. I have hopes to stash more in there such as spare headphones or phone cords. Anything vital to a productive hospital stay I want in this bag. The size does help me out.

Overall, the biggest downfall of this is the size. It’s great for my purposes but if you weren’t used to carrying a bigger bag with you. On the flip side, it can hold anything you would need for a hospital stay. The material is nice. It zips easily and everything is held in well. It doesn’t change the weight of my bag. Bonus, it’s made out of recycled water bottles so it’s good for the planet!

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